On behalf of the Conference Committee, I want to thank you and Bogues Consulting for your incredible gift of Communication and Marketing assistance for the 2019 NC Philanthropy Conference.  Not only did you represent philanthropy through your contributions, but also supported and cultivated a sense of altruistic synergy that is so important to our industry.  By partnering with us on this Conference, you provided the opportunity for over 525 fundraisers and people in the non-profit sector to come together to network, learn, and be empowered to create change in our community.  Thank you for being part of an event that is cultivating generosity within our state and beyond.

 Again, thank you for helping to transform our community | Sharon Bremer (Conference Chair)

Melba Wilson.jpg

"Bogues Consulting Group handled all of my branding needs. With my PR and social media team keeping me connected while I’m able to do what I love, making people feel at home through my meals. "

Celebrity Chef melba Wilson 


"The Bogues Consulting Group has impacted my brand by reaching a different and dynamic audience creating several opportunities through PR and social media. New Media is the way of the future."

NBA LEGEND muggsy bogues 


I read Muggsy's book twice, watched every video I could find, communicated with his high school coach, Coach Wade, and talked to you (Brittney his publicist), but I was not ready for yesterday. I have never been around someone with the perfect mix of confidence and humility.

Let me know next time you are in town. Crabs on me!!!!


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"It’s been a joy having Brittney Bogues apart of team Merriweather. Not only has she been willing to donate time to manage volunteers, phone banking and assist with digital communication, but she boldly shared her story and has been an advocate locally, regionally and nationally for survivors of domestic violence."

Mecklenburg county district attorney spencer merriweather


"I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed Muggsy Bogues’ appearance at our McCormick Unsung Heroes Awards Banquet! His keynote speech was relevant to our event and heartwarming. It was beyond obvious that Muggsy was truly enthusiastic about our program and excited to encourage the students through his own personal story. He went above and beyond, mingling with our guests and graciously taking selfies with many of our student athletes. And a shout out to you, Brittney, thank you for making the whole process of securing Mr. Bogues as our speaker so easy. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope I get to do so again someday!"



"I can’t thank you enough for making this happen. Muggsy was awesome! The students and families loved him. They gave him a standing ovation after he spoke. He was so gracious. After the event was over, all the students wanted to have their photos taken with him and get an autograph. He accommodated everyone. I hope we’ll have an opportunity to work together again. It was such a great experience."

Jill B BLoom, Director Stakeholder communications- Lifebridge health


"Brittney has been a key factor in our community for two years at COREOLOGY. She has been an ambassador of our business, an outstanding influencer and has helped tremendously grow our local community by supporting us as it relates to PR, Communications, Marketing, Branding, and Non-Profit Awareness. Not only has Brittney been a strong advocate of setting up charity events in which we give back to the non-profit organizations here in Charlotte but she helps us build our brand and connect and network with many others in the local community. She immediately caught our attention when she first came to our studio for her first workout with a big and bright smile on her face and continues to amaze us with her poise, generosity, and knowledge. These amazing traits of hers have made it very easy to connect, communicate and collaborate together. We are so proud to have Brittney as a COREOLOGY AMBASSADOR and we are so thankful for the work and support she does for our community. We would highly recommend Brittney to anyone or any organization looking for professional support around the areas of PR, Communications and Event Planning in a heart beat. We love you Brit!”

kate and chase colston, owners- coreology


"Brittney Bogues and the Bogues Consulting Group were awesome to work with pertaining to development strategies. They were very detailed and strategic in their approach and provided a lot of insightful information to take my nonprofit to the next level."

 Courtnie McIntosh, Founder -The Academy of Goal Achievers

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"I truly enjoyed working with the Bogues Consulting Group regarding forming and launching my new nonprofit. Brittney along with her team of experts were able to construct a strategic development and marketing plan so that once Golden Ages nonprofit is operational, I can start working immediately to achieve our mission. Overall great experience and I would highly recommend their consulting services.”

Lolene Chambers, Owner of Wellness Watchers Home Care


“Hiring Bogues Consulting Group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for KIPP Charlotte Public Schools. With their help, KIPP Charlotte was able to surpass its fundraising goal by 20%. Brittney brought creative ideas, a positive attitude, resourceful connections, and a generous spirit to the table. Her skills and expertise filled gaps in the KIPP team, which helped us accomplish our mission more efficiently and effectively. Brittney and her team brought a touch of class to our event.  Her organizational skills and attention to detail were on point.  Brittney put her heart into every aspect of the event and it really showed.  BCG exceeded my expectations!  I will definitely hire Brittney and her team again!”

Heather Moeller, Director of Development KIPP Charlotte

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“Le Petit Spa recently contracted Brittney Bogues and Bogues Consulting Group to assist us with our social media strategy. By implementing an influencer program and crafting targeted content that led to increased business.  Using her and her team's expertise, our Spa has been able to reach a larger base of people to help get the word out about our brand.  Brittney and her team did a wonderful job for us and was a pleasure to work with!”

Priti Patel, owner of Le Petit Spa


”Brittney and the BCG team stepped up and exceeded our expectations especially since we had a shorter than usual timeline. They were responsive, authentic, and created customized press materials for our outreach which resulted in secured media placements. The exposure Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc (IEC) received from BCG’s media efforts was essential coverage for our upcoming convention.”

Melissa Grigsby, Director of Communications and Events Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. (IEC)cured media placements. The exposure Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc (IEC)